Monday, June 7, 2010

A 6th Graders Bucket List (II)

The first Bucket list was far too long, so here are the rest of these notorious 6th grade dreamer kids crazy life experiences they'd want to have before they die. Here are some more gems which I thought I ought to share.

btw: I think these kids are all high.


Sky dive in slow motion. (Wow....)

Break an air conditioner. (Have you tried...dropping it?)

Attack a wolf. (And pray that he's sleeping)

Sleep underwater. (Watery graves are the mob's specialty)

Capture an octopus. (and do what with it?)

Have a party in space. (Sweet)

Go inside the Treasury Building and steal the treasures. (he's going to be so disappointed when he grows up)

Become a Ghost Hunter. (Solid pension benefits complete with early retirement)

Travel to Uranus. (this one had me in tears because they didn't get it)

Go see a demolition derby and pray for the people there. (I love it)

Fight my karate instructor. (Any odds on winning)

Ride a jet pack. (love it)

Enslave the dolphins. (Your guess is as good as mine)

Jump from a 12-story building onto my bed. (Hope your close by)

Punch and fight a bank robber. (Find one)

Figure out how to not die. (Good Luck....keep me posted)

Find the Kraken. (.....)

Raise a monkey. (Much Like Children I imagine)

Crash a plane into something. (This child is not Muslim)

Defenestrate myself. (No comment needed)

Throw quarters out of a plane. (How much damage could that cause?)

Join the Army. (respect)

Have a conversation with a parrot. (About global warming no doubt)

Pull a tiger's tail and run. (Run fast little one)

Jump off a cruise boat. (I hope you can swim)

Go to jail and then do a prison break. (I hope they realize that it's not a reality show...)

Ride on top of a helicopter. (think about that...)

Eat a killer whale and say "Who's the killer now?!" (Bad Ass Moby Dick)

Cut a volcano open with a chainsaw. (Molten Madnes)

Ride a horse backwards. (yessssssss)

Jump in a pool with a crocodile. (For What? To exchange compliments?)

Walk into the Apple Store and tell everyone "I'm a PC". (Sweet)

Win the lottery and get $1,000. (hahahahahahaha winner winner, chicken dinner)

Do the moonwalk ON THE MOON. (Love it)

Play with a gorilla. (Chess I imagine)

Make my sister cry. (hmm)

Go to the zoo and call out the gorillas until they fight me. (This is how evolution happens)

Make a hole in a shark tank and run away before anyone notices. (How fast can you run?)

Fill a pool with chocolate and wrestle someone in it. (Wait. Till. College.)

Eat a rat. (Yuck)

Buy a mansion, burn it, cash in on insurance. (Criminal Minds Start Young)

Fight a bird. (I vote ostrich)

Hunt a gorilla. (Banana Robber!)

Jump off the moon. (To where?)

Destroy a house with rocks. Only rocks. (Forrest Gump Lover)

Get shot while I wear a bullet-proof vest.(Still hurts dude)

Kill time. (Worthy Goal Young Einstien)

Get some muscles. (One Day)

Mutate a human being (Into What?)

What's in your bucket list? Mine grows every day, todays was sky dive out of my Office Window....It was a beautiful day. 


Anonymous said...

So! Finally got censored! Love, Alec

Alpha Za said...

haha, more like blogger erasing my entire post as I published it. Had to redo it all!

Anonymous said...

I want to ride a jet pack too!

Alpha Za said...

@Humaira: It does look rather awesome. Though I wonder what would happen if you run out of fuel mid air...or maybe that's in someone elses bucket list.

Thanks for the Comment.

C said...

pull a tiger's tail and run!...sure that would be fantastic! haha

Anonymous said...

Hmmm! Blogger erasing it all! Well if you believe that ....
In the seventeenthe century and earlier there was a fairly wide held belief that the earth and the moon shared an atmosphere. All you had to do to get there was train some geese to carry you. How about that then in your list?

Alpha Za said...

@ C: It is, particularly if you want to see how fast you can run.

@ Alec: haha, I tend to provide the benefit of the doubt, besides our Government isn't that tactful (or technical), they are more likely to ban the site. I imagine in the 17th Century that would work wonderfully.