About Me

Dear Everyone who has enough time to be unproductive and read my blog. Your subservience to my vanity is appreciated and will be duly rewarded with sensationalist satire, wit, intelligence and my own brand of awesomeness.

So let me tell you about myself. I am Murtaza and I am Awesome (or so my magic mirror tells me..that I am Murtaza, it has little or no opinion on my perceived awesomeness).

They say God is Great, God is Kind, God is Perfect. (or maybe that was about Love, I never pay attention)

In that context think of me as that work in progress before the actual work in progress that got scrapped because my head was a funny size and I couldn't hear anyone over the sound of how Awesome I am.

I don't know why I am like what I am like. I don't know what makes me tick, I don't know what compels me to write, all I know is that on a fairly regular basis, I have the urge to put my thoughts on paper, employing (or more like enslaving) satire to make my point.

I'll think and generally emit an obscene number of politically incorrect statements, but in all fairness I target everyone, much like an equal opportunity offender. Poking fun at people and issues is my forte.

It's not that I don't care about real people, or feel the plight of individuals and I'm not going to say that I am an emotionally devoid person; though the criticism has been made. I'm not going to say if they were made by sobbing (yet wonderful) women...nope, not me. Not Ever. I'm classy like that.

I was born in Saudi Arabia, (forcibly) resided there close to a decade moved to Pakistan, lived there for a decade and (barely) attended Hamilton College and spent around 5 years in the United States, before finally moving back to Pakistan in the summer of 2009.

As one can ascertain, I've lived in some very different cultures, all of which make up a piece of me. I do tend to hope that it's the good pieces, but who is to know nowadays? As I grow older good and bad is no more than varying shades of murky gray. The choice between practicality and Right is a difficult one.

I work as an Economist/Research analyst at a Mutual Fund here in Pakistan, as well as writing free lance for various publications. I actually really like my job(s) and the people I work with, so I'm very lucky in that sense (whether or not they like me is irrelevant).

Oh and I love my family. They are understanding, supportive and wonderful (tragically so) in every possible measure and meaning of the words. I can't appreciate them enough for what they do on a daily basis; particularly as they love me unconditionally not because they have to, but because, in spite of my self, they choose to.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my humble offerings and derive as much enjoyment from reading them as much as I do from spilling them onto the world wide web.

Ode to the Fallacy of Human Kind: Greatness
Syed Murtaza Ali Jafri

Greatness is elusive, it is not a goal
It's a silly state of mind, not that we've been told!

Greatness is a term we choose to tell ourselves to feel relevant
Because the day will come, where we'll have sins to repent. 

Greatness is stupid, easily gained in finance as it is grinding against a pole 
If Greatness is a game of poker, it's smarter to live a good life and just fold

We are Human, we instead strive to please historians
Even if it means we must strive to be superficial charlatans

There are too many things I've said that have already been spoken 
However, I still feel compelled to say my peace and leave my token

Will that lead to Greatness, I'll never know
I'll be comfortably be resting in my grave, trying to twitch my toes. 

So Live the Life you'll love and love the life you can truly live
Because Greatness is for the life, you won't truly be able to live