Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why Women Rule!...Seriously.

Why I Wrote This:

There seems to be a misconception that I've created that I hate all women, that women are terribly creatures and just plain 5 million varieties of awful. Now that's actually not true, I think women are the cornerstone of a society.

If you want to evaluate how progressive and ultimately successful a country will be, one should see how women in that realm are treated. Be it Japan, China, Wider Europe, Canada and the USA, women are the ones who drive growth, whether it's in small businesses or in job creation.

If a Nation relies on only men, it will never be working at more than 50% of it's potential. If a country wants to be great, it needs to let women contribute; it's a good thing that they are will and able.

1. Women Do It All: Women build families, and in many cases they have to balance their family life with their work life with a great deal of poise. I firmly believe that women are more productive during work hours because they know they have responsibilities after work, whether it's child care or family obligations. So they get their tasks complete within the allotted time, so they don't  have to sit late and mess around youtube during the work day. One that note, check this awesome video I found here.

2. Educated Women = Educated Families: If education is the silver bullet, then women are the Fully loaded machine gun firing off that silver bullet. If you educate a man, you educate a man, if you educate a woman, you educate her entire family; the next generation. And lets face it, since women spend a good chunk of their day with the kids, the better educated they are, the more likely and able they will be to help the kid out with his homework. Educated Moms + Whiny Child = Homework actually getting done well enough that kid won't Fail.

3. Online all the Time: Women are fully functional at all hours of the day. From the minute they get up in the morning to get the kids ready, make breakfast etc till they nod off in bed after a hard days work and home management, women are excellent at not only multi-tasking, but getting things done. It makes them great, and a truly enviable asset to have in our lives.

4. Women Make Men Better: Men if left to our own devices would be nothing more than hedonistic play boys hell bent on extracting as much fun out of life as possible....which is not necessarily a bad thing, just very shallow and self serving. Women have an unerring ability to focus men, to make them better than they ever thought that they could be. In some cases they um...'inspire' wholesale drastically needed changes, that men need. A lot of guy's strive to be better because they want to be worthy of that pretty face, it may feel superficial, but guys are willing to do it.

5. Women Strive To Be Better: Women actively combat societal norms for the very simple human reason that they are not fair. Guys are willing to find innovative ways to make the system work for them, but if women don't find that system to be fair, they find ways to go about changing it, whether it is through passive aggressiveness or simply going out and doing it. They act as our moral conscious when it's not convenient for us. And as men, we like convenience...which is why invented the 'remote control' for our TV's and 'Lazy Boys'.

6. Women Will Never Be Fully Appreciated: It's sad but true, after all the things that women do for men, we can never ever no matter what we do, truly appreciate them. A man can never fully appreciate what a girl goes through, and try as we might through glib conjectures (Guilty as charged), we will never completely understand the horrors of the female condition, the burdens and limitations society happily shackles them with. It's a wonder than women haven't killed off all the men yet and just used sperm banks to keep the human race going. Bloody Decent Of You All.

In The End:

Women are IT. They are everything, no society could function without women and no man can live happily without them. Which is why you have all male prisons. They get cable TV and perhaps some cheetos, but they are completely cut off from the opposite sex. Why? Because even with the head aches, women just make mens lives just plain better. Thanks a lot God.


Anonymous said...

Groan! Oh, dear! Now you've gone galloping off in the other direction. It's nice of you to speak up for women (as though they need it!) but you've just gone off to another extreme. You need a sense of proportion levered into your head somehow! I don't know how it's to be done, or who's to do it, but please somebody do it! Look, lovely Murtaza, just a few points - there are plenty of serious men who function quite ably without rushing off in pursuit of the sybaritic life; there are plenty of men who are focussed on goals - some needing the encouragement of women, some not, some needing encouragement of men some not, or some needing the encouragement of everybody, or nobody - in other words you can't generalise; the principle of the remote control was invented by a woman; of the women I speak to about this subject, very few would want to be men - the list could go on. All I want from you are fewer histrionics, and more calm reason. Then on the other hand do I really want that? Probably not. Love, Alec

Amna K said...

I understand how you brilliantly balanced all those prior articles that have been successfully posted on Dawn's blog and your own blog, by writing down this piece. It was definitely well-proportioned, no extremes and nobody's help required! It would have been the case if you had bluntly negated exactly every point you underscored previously; and you certainly did not do that. Man and Woman are equally both important to each other; the thing is we are given choices in this, only at times, petty world. We can both generalize and not generalize; it totally depends upon the nature of the situation. And You gave not just one but many calm reasons.
There is always a 'for' and an 'against' side to every major to minor subject. Intelligence is depicted when one has pointers for both! You are the man! Keep it up!

Alpha Za said...

@ Alec: Relax hombre. Proportion sucks, even in politics. Thats why centrist parties get whupped and only wing parties that pretend to center up during elections win....but I digress. let me put it this way, 'To be old and wise, one must be young and stupid'. I am what I am, about as fair and balanced as Fox news.

@ Amna: Thanks for the comment, You referred to be as 'The Man', so I'm going to high five myself for the rest of the day now.