Monday, April 26, 2010

Feministas: To All Ye Bra Burners

Men don't like Feminista's, it's nothing personal, we just feel that they suck at life.....

Now I'd like to clarify what I mean by Feministas, I have no actual problem with the idea of feminism, after all, that's just bad form. A feminista on the other hand is nothing more than a rabid female debater from a super liberal college that is convinced that basic things like shaving unattractive body hair and looking clean was an oppressive measure enforced upon women to further subjugate the emanicpation of their mind, and the only way to escape from this yoke of oppression is to find themselves as individuals and reject man's crazy basic hygiene. Feministas are equivalent to Fundamentalist murdering nut jobs as compared to Islam, the religion of peace.

Feminista's like talking about women's rights, they are forever pointing out the unfair laws that our ravaging our country that makes them just want to leave and set up shop in a western country more receptive to their demands for equality. Well, there is an idea.

Then once they get a law that they've been advocating for, women's activists join the feministas in talking about how that even if the law was to be considered fair, that in practice society doesn't treat women fairly. What the hell do you want from us?

Now let's be clear here, I and every other person who thinks little of you, has every right to treat you anyway I like. Countries and societies alike don't really follow law, they follow their social norms. Just by legalizing the right to marry 4 wives simultaneously doesn't make it socially acceptable you nitwits.

When someone is interviewed for the job, companies just don't look at qualifications, there is this thing called 'best fit', where Human resource managers get to decide whether or not you and your feminista advocate insanity is a good fit for the organizations. Now as most work places are run by men, who are largely conservative status quo, are unlikely to feel that your version of what life ought to be like is particularly relevant. Nor are they likely to be impressed by the butch, I am as good as man, so that's why I'm wearing a man's suit to the interview....For the love of God, you aren't being asked or expected to dress like a whore to an interview (unless it's for the adult film industry or you are looking for a new pimp), but social norms have their place, particularly if you are going to a company to a job in the first place.

Unless the person interviewing you is blind, he can probably ascertain who you are, and what you are about. First impressions are damning. Which is why showers, basic hygiene and a respectable appearance is required, and believe it or not, these are actually fair, if a guy showed up to an interview in shorts and a TV-Shirt, he isn't going to be hired either.

Infact if a man came to an interview wearing a skirt (scottish kilts are an exception, but only the dressy kind), he'd likely be shown the door as quickly as legally possible (Lawsuits are as a big a bitch as feministas).

What do feministas want? to be treated as equals? to be treated as men. News Flash, women are not men, nor can they ever be. Don't worry, we can't be women either, no child is going to come sprouting out of any man any time soon.

Fashionista's annoy me as well, but atleast they provide some visual public good. So for all of you non-feminista chicks out there, God bless you, and believe or not, we like your bra's to remain right where they are. Because we are supportive like that.

My biggest peeve about feminists is how disingenuous are, I wouldn't call them rabble rousers, because the truth is that they are largely marginalized (common sense prevails, whippee!).

The biggest minomer that Feministas present is that they are actually normal every day women, who enjoy shopping, wearing lipsticks and naturally straight men. Horse shit.

Well, if they like shopping so much, one would expect their usual dress to entail more than the 'made by women' shirt they found in a dumpster ten years ago, if they like wearing lipstick, they ought to pony up and start wearing it and the truth is that they don't want a normal straight man, they want a spineless man lacking the self respect to say, hey, your issues with society is not my fault.

They want guys who agree with the notion that women are oppressed and are grateful that this fine superior self aware woman finds him worthy of her company. Oh, and there are ofcourse the lesbian feministia's who use their 'movement' as a ploy to bag chicks by making them passionately 'self aware'. props to the seduction technique, a good thing that you picked that trick off men in the first place you hypocrites.

What the hell are feminists problems with Bra's? Is the support unwelcome? Do you have to burn the damn things? Doesn't china already have the rest of the world by it's balls without you adding a couple of extra containers full of bras? If you don't wear bra's, fantastic, just do the rest of society a favor and be sure to wear a nice white cotton shirt on a rainy day.

What are you complaining about? women are allowed (though not encouraged) to work, by picking a fight with the mullahs, politicians etc, your not changing anyones mind, your just making other groups more hostile to you and marginalizing your horomonal imbalanced driven views even more than they already are.

Here is what I recommend, get a wax job, make yourselves attractive as possible, develop several cogent arguments (in the probably event of your failure, I'm sure a few well paid men could supply you with a few), stop blaming everyone else and spewing hate (unproductive; anyone seen Osama?). It just makes us think you are crazy and that if your Daddy (or sugar momma) wasn't supporting you that you'd be a hobo. Take some medication to simmer down and perhaps enjoy a few massages.

From time to time, I meet a Feminista who points out some random odd ball guy who is a Feminist. Now my question is how in love is that guy with you and secondly, I delicately inform that lady of virtue that he thinks that by being a male Feminist he'll get laid. oh and on third note, there are more than one terrorists, but you wouldn't want to join that list would you? Plain, flat and fucking simple.

Burn bombs not Bras. Bombs kill people, Bra's result in marriage inducement. Luckily, Feminista's have a lower likelyhood of reproducing, so feel free to keep up the rabble rousing as your less feminista'ish rivals all live happy fulfilling lives.


nuffsaid. said...

Feminists don't suck. It's the distortion of the ideology that you're complaining about. Feminism, in it's essence, is an ideology that has brought a lot to the table especially in fields like socio and psych. Don't hate on feminists, hate on extremists.

Alpha Za said...

@ Amna: Thank you for your comment. I thought I was hating on the extremist 'Feminista'...

besides, I'm all for not having the pick up the tab every time I take a girl out to dinner (complete lie).

I haven't really considered the impact of Feminism on socio and psych, my main academic experience with feminism was my women studies course where I recall spending a lovely morning trying to explain that when men open the door for women they don't mean to imply that women are inferior and/or utterly incapable of opening a bloody door by themselves.

nuffsaid. said...

Feministas sound like....fashionable feminists ^^

I always insist on spitting the bill. And why not? Why should the guy pay for me?

You took women studies? Lovely. I know men open the door to be polite, but I find it extrememly artificial sometimes.

Alpha Za said...

@ Amna: Fashionable Feminists....I wish.

Um, because if the guy invited you out to dinner in the first place, it's his treat. It's basic manners applied to dating.

Don't worry, No one else can fathom how I possibly ever took Women Studies.

You may find it artificial, but so are most of the passing, hello/ whatsups/how are you. We're a society of artificiality. However, I think it's a sign of good manners if a guy has those basic courtesies instilled in him. Hell, if I ever had a son, I'd definitely jam it into him.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about this feminist stuff a lot.

Here's are some of my conclusions:

Thanks for the discussion.