Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Blogging Experiment

I've always wondered if blogging is an art form or just a way for frustrated people to voice their ideas, thoughts, and general reservations about whats going on in their lives.

Then I realized that I don't really care what most people have to say as much as I enjoyed what latest thought was provoking the cogs in my own head.

The reason why I've decided to blog and unload whatever is going on in my mind is actually very simple. I can't afford therapy (retail or otherwise) and I personally enjoy writing (whether others will enjoy my brand of rambling remains to be seen). In time this will probably act as a diary (preferably an entertaining one) I'll share with an older me to see if I've matured or grown as a person; At my current trajectory I should hit a mental age of 25 by the time I'm 80.

Since I am a social animal, over thinker to a fault, and an avid sports fan, critical movie goer and sanguine reader, I doubt any particular theme will emerge. I am at heart, a random soul; My love of learning obtuse ridiculous things and developing wishful ideas has yet to be diminished by time. And privately I hope it never will.

So here I am blogo-sphere, hope your as therapeutic as my personal writing has been. I promise to be as honest and unfiltered as possible.

Note: to be fair its been so long since I had a functional filter I'm not sure what that would look like anymore.

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