Sunday, March 28, 2010

Health Care: Are You Kidding Me....

Why I Wrote This:

Having spent around 5 years in the United States both studying and working, I have alot of friends who are quite passionate about health care. And I'm still amazed that the US doesn't have universal health care. Then again, this is the same government that hasn't passed anything meaningful in recent history, so I shouldn't be shocked....

However, what does shock me, was how people were still doggedly convinced that Obama wouldn't be able to pass health care reform even after he was basically elected on two things. The Economy (which he actually can't do a whole lot about, unless he starts hiring a lot of people) and Health Care....So health care it is and the reasons why the idea of universal health care is opposed sounds fairly dumb & elitist (my people, high fives) at least to me.

1. It Was Inevitable: Firstly, it was always going to happen, the woman who gave birth to the freaking President (who died of cancer) spent her last days arguing with insurance agents. Regardless of who you are, that sticks with you and it makes you want to do something about it (Lo and behold that Black boy became President). Health Care was the center piece of his campaign. If he didn't do anything with it then 'Yes We Can' would be "We Almost Sort of Could'....and that doesn't bode well in a re-election campaign. Democrats swept the Republicans, 60 Seat Majority in the Senate (Now 59) and a commanding lead in the House of Representatives, Democrats had the go-ahead to do whatever they liked...and how they have.

2. Polls Riders: I hate people who quote polls. Stop quoting polls, they are a snapshot in time, leaders don't follow polls, polls follow leaders when the time is right. Relax, these stupid things keep changing. For God sakes, if I poll the right segment, they'd probably think Clinton is President....and the kicker is that they won't know which one.

3. 'This is our Freedom' Argument: Now Americans love freedom, and they talk about individual liberties as if Adam himself came down to them and personally said, 'here these are your freedoms, now go rock out with you C**K out.' However, I feel argument that freedoms are enjoyed far more if you are alive is remarkably attractive, and that health care does in fact prolong your life (nope Jesus doesn't really provide a health care plan you evangelical nut jobs). As the bill stands you still get to pick your own health care provider, so chill.

4. Health Care is a Privilege not a Right....HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND $&^%&$@, you are trying to tell me that in the most powerful, richest country in the world, it ought to be a privilege to ensure that it's citizens have health care? Half of EUROPE has health care, and I'm talking about the damn continent that's been fighting each other for hundreds of years...CUBA has health care!!! That tiny Island that has it's communist middle finger perpetually pointed at Florida. Is it good policy t to let people die or place an unfair burden on poor people so that you can buy yourself a brand new Ferrari instead of Audi? (Personally I think both purchases ought to be tax exempted)

5. Overreach of Government: The government acts in the best interest of all, and the funny thing about democratically elected governments is that they are elected by the people, so if you wanted limited government, you ought have campaigned for Ron Paul or the Constitution Party. Quit Whining if you were on the side lines when it mattered.

6. Why am I Subsidizing Everyone else: Becasue Mr. 'I have alot of Money' Asshole, you are already subsidized yourself in various ways through taxes even if you are super rich (Tax Loopholes anyone?), so unless you make over 250,000 a year, you aren't really affected, and if you are making that much money, think of it as the price you pay for having a healthy society.

If you run a business, it'll mean that your employees will be in better health, your customers will be in better health and the guy who runs the hot dog stand down the street is in better health, and if you get really fat and develop some diseases as a consequence of eating those hot dogs no insurance provider can turn you down or jack up your rates. I think it's a fair deal.

7. It's too Expensive: It will pay for itelf, $930 billion in ten years and by the end of the second decade it will actually reduce the deficit. Now I'll be honest here, I haven't crunched the numbers and I really don't care, if the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says the math works and pays down the US deficit, as far as any sane man is concerned, thats a home run. Making up your own numbers by inputting your own (biased) assumptions is even more facetious than I am. Which is an achievement in itself.

But what would be lovely is if someone could please explain to me why it's better to throw hundred of billions away as part of the war or terror to avenge some 4000 folk when thousands upon thousands die every month in your own country? Basically your willing to go into debt to play class bully, but not to save lives.

8. Party of No: Now, I realize that the original idea was for a bi-partisan bill, but since that didn't happen, the US public got a partisan bill that still added in some of what the opposition wanted. But what I think was particularly crazy was that there was no constructive reaching out by the opposition to be put together a viable bill. The idea stems from by saying no to everything and without even working out some sort of good faith compromise that all they were interested in doing was making sure nothing of substance was done (To be fair the Republicans did author their own bill, which would cover 3 million Americans....sure would have sucked to be in the other 29 million).

It make make good politicking to say that after 4 years that the Democrats were unable to do nothing, but what it eventually did was make the Democrats pass a bill and become the party of Yes (Yes We Did). What I want to know, why wasn't there a party of 'Why' who questioned the proposals and indeed the strategies. Health care is broken, there are far too many people without health care, and when a President passes legislation that give 32 million people access to health care, what that does is give him 32 million MORE votes going forwards. What's plan B Republican Strategist morons? Promising to over turn it when it's your turn? Good luck it selling that message.

The Big Idea:

This Bill is far from perfect, but end of the day, even if it costs a few more extra bucks than you would like, you can't put a price on saving lives year in and year out, even if it means having to forgo some expensive toys. A truly fair Humane society tries to look after it's own members; Make sure that everyone is capable of living a decent life, particularly in the hard times, ensuring that they have access to the most basic human necessities, and one of those is health care. So there you have it. The argument for Universal Health Care in a nutshell. It's the Humane Thing to Do, and once you are a super power, you can't save the world without saving your own people.


Anonymous said...

Hey! You stole my script! Well who would have thought ... I love, love, loved it. And you of course. Alec

Alpha Za said...

Alec, I don't think anyone would believe that you operate off a script...and if you did it's unlikely that it would get stolen.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you as always for the comment.

Sonia said...

Enjoyed it. Specially this

But what would be lovely is if someone could please explain to me why it's better to throw hundred of billions away as part of the war or terror to avenge some 4000 folk when thousands upon thousands die every month in your own country?

Alpha Za said...

Sonia: Thanks for the comment, I personally enjoyed writing that passage myself.

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hello there.... :)
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