Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Islamic Chastity Belts: Crazy or Genius?

Why I Wrote This

The whole fear that parents have about their children having sex is pretty outrageous, particularly in Pakistan. However, in my gracious self I have decided to cash in on this opportunity and re-invent an old age product for the times. After all, condoms are actually ancient technology it's time for

Islamic Chastity Belts; A Comprehensive All Encompassing Islamic Solution to Upholding Moral Values!

It sounds ludicrous, but just because it in fact is, doesn't mean that there won't be demand for it and be insanely profitably. After all, who would have thought that PET ROCKS, would be a viable business.....seriously.

1. Marriage Friendly: Buy two, get one free. Get them for the entire family (if you have multiple wives that is), if you ever have fears that your female spouse is cheating on you, no need to worry anymore! Just make her wear an Islamic Chastity Belt and all of your fears about extra marital affairs (well, hers anyway), will evaporate! Go to work stress free and come home with the remote controlled lock in hand. I'm not saying that everyone is at risk of cheating (even though they are), but why take the risk? (Note: I recommend removing these during giving birth.)

2. Rape Prevention Tool: No rapist in his right mind would ever approach a girl if he had the slightest inkling that she was wearing one of these. The mere thought of those potentially deadly spikes would take eradicate any bad intentions or Un-Islamic ideas.....also the desire to bring about a death penalty on rapists can inadvertently be passed....yeah, those spikes look damn scary and since even evil men like remaining men, the incidence of rape will fall dramatically. Ha, I bet some hot shot western entrepreneur/legislator wish they thought of that!

3. Protects against Girl on Girl Action: The latest fear parents have been having from sending their daughters to all girl schools and colleges is the new fear of 'lesbianism' (I'm looking at you Mount Holyoke, Wellesley College, Kinnaird, DHA degee College for Women etc etc). Now I don't think it's a problem, particularly when my kid sister, in responce to a Friends episode, once proclaimed that although she didn't like boys, she didn't think she could be a lesbian either.

These belts, will allow women to attend these institutions unmolested, free from any potentially lesbian activities rife that may disrupt their learning. Say what you will, but we Islamic men protect our women from sexual deviance. High Five!

4. Parental Trust Enhancer: Parents can finally heave a sigh of relief when their teenage hormonal daughters go out with their friends or even boyfriends. When they start imagining the worst thing that could possibly happen, they can just chill out and (evil) laugh about it. Seriously, Parents don't trust their kids, and to be fair some of the time, it's for good reason. Now they can heave a sigh of relief and give me their money. (Note: Demand for other sexual stimulation may increase.)

5. Religion & Fear Based Demand: Parents are extremely fearful of what their kids may do. I expect fathers in particular to drive up sales into the millions in the first few months alone. My advertising campaign will show two sisters who go on divergent paths, the one without the belt becomes a Party going Socialite cum Actress who is actually manically depressed by her unfulfilling life, whereas the Islamic chastity belt toting one is bright, happy, probably a Hijabi and is very spiritual. Which daughter would you prefer to have?

There will also be a huge export market with the Arab market in particular being especially profitable, though we are mindful that copy right laws might still not prevent China from producing a cheaper copy cat product.... but we are prepared for that. We will have all of our stylish belts to be blessed by Crazy Clerics (no shortage of those!).

I expect that Michelle Obama will buy hundreds of these and have every female White House staffer fitted with these (just incase). So yeah, Pakistan will be exporting morality all of the world, how Awesome are we?

6. Parliamentary Stamp Approval: Our blessed Parliament despite it's rampant corruption and short comings, still has tremendous support in the country, after all, they were legally elected. Fortunately for the Islamic Chastity Belt business Pakistan's Parliament is always on the look out for ridiculous things to pass, they can pass a non-binding resolution lauding these Islamic Chastity Belts as a necessary tool in the upliftment of the morally depraved youth. Political Genius really. Just support the bill and count the votes till your liberal opponents starts crying.

Infact the female MP's can all sponsor the bill and extol it's virtues on how it makes 'youngsters' focus on their studies more instead of spending time in the pursuit of the opposite sex. I even have a name for the bill, 'Devices for the Promotion of Islamic Virtue Bill".

7. Special Features: 
A: An extra amount of cushion for comfort: Just because it seems brutal doesn't mean it can't be comfy...we're civilized after all!
B: A tracking device: Just to know where they are....for their own protection ofcourse, we live in such uncertain times.
C: A remote controlled opener, which will be activated the minute a girl enters her home: This will also encourage girls to stay at home more and spend quality time with their families increasing the family bond and making them far more virtuous, boys who now lack any purpose to chase girls will also sit at home and study.
D: Gold Version available: A poor family can literally invest their wealth in their women. Whilst richer ones can just show off that they're daughters literally shit on Gold.

The Big Idea:

We live in a society, nay in a world where we fear the occurrence of sex outside marriage, but the correct tool isn't an Islamic Chastity Belt, it's trust, it's parenting, it's imparting the values that you wish for your kids to have through setting a good example. If you can't do that, I'll be selling these Belts and protecting your daughters chastity online. You can't put a price tag on being Virtuous can you?

Can I get a High Five?


Sonia said...

Here is the High Five…

Where can I get a free sample of this advantageous device?

Unknown said...

Is their any Chasity belt for males?

Alpha Za said...

@ Sonia, thank you for the comment and the high five. However, I regret to inform you that I will be unable to provide you with a free sample as the Royal Families of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE etc have already bought out my entire stock....God Bless the Price of Oil.

@ Ateeq, I believe the idea of a women even wearing that chastity belt should act as Chastisement enough, however if you are looking for Chastity Belt for male, try Super Tight, Tighty Whities Underwear or just envision two ugly men making out. That ought to do the trick.

ChastityDevice said...

the chastity is Terror.

Alpha Za said...

@ Chastity Device: Thanks for the comment. Haha, I guess there is that.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell if he is being sarcastic or not