Monday, August 29, 2011

A Finishing School For Men

.......But why finish when you don't have to Start?

What is the purpose of a 'finishing school'? A place (for people with ogles of money) to polish ones etiquette, learn how to cook and perhaps pick up some pretentious mannerism hide insecurities and annoy the population at large. Traditionally, Women have been recipients of the Finishing School treatment. Now, one could hardly contend that the women of Pakistan need these finishing schools to 'hone' their skills (for all those who doubt this assertion, ask your nearest 18 year old girl to make a half decent chapatti and let me know how the food poisoning treats you).


Men on the other hand are cast adrift onto the world with the motto, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. But I think now the time has come that equality reigns supreme, if women can bat their eyes into a finishing school that makes them more womanly, men deserve the same modicum of respect and accessibility to refine and strut their manliness.

Haha, you're right, Egyptian Cotton is FABULOUS!

Now, the curriculum for a Men's Finishing School would be catered to a fairly faulty concept of what a stereotypical Pakistani man should be, coupled with some skills that would endear them to their partners and make them suitable for marital bliss.

Spitting spreads diseases, so get ready for some good old fashioned chemical warfare.

 Every Pakistani male should be well versed in the traditional art of spitting paan, and not just the act or the distance, but the size, velocity and general texture of the paan spit. It's imperative that this institution school the male youth to be the best paan spitters the world has ever seen. To this end, an inter-city paan spitting championship will be held.

Whatta Pose?

No Pakistan is really complete, without having substantive skills in the seduction of women, being taught how to pronounce fraaAAanship, Solid and Tight are just a few of the words that the finishing school courses will focus on to ensure that a Pakistani male can get ridiculed by attractive (and not so attractive women on a continuous basis. There will also be in depth training into the mysteries of Facebook stalking and how to fraanship girls with message of love, honor and Lassi.

It has been often noted that a man is fairly partial to his mothers cooking and tends to not appreciate his wifes cooking with the same fervor. A Men's finishing school would ensure that the Men's diet would consist of nothing but the worst possible food, this will result in men, relishing any partially cooked food put in front of them. This will additionally serve as a diet, to return the traditional Pakistani male to the lean mean conquering machine sort.

Disgusting looking but delicious

In an age of video games, computer games and board games, Pakistan's sporting heritage is slowly being lost, however a Men's Finishing School would seek to address the situation by putting its participants through a strenuous physical regimen of Cricket, Kabaddi, Basket Ball and Hockey. Increasing a man's proficiency with wooden sticks is as important as knowing how to utilize ones body strength. The purpose of the basket ball training is to assist men in their efforts to toss their dirty clothes into their laundry bucket without missing.

Consistently Disgusting.

Women tend to have a terrific propensity to multi-task, men tend to fall short in that respect, but with proper training at a Man's Finishing School, one can be confident that a man can be trained to pay attention to his partner for a prolonged period of time......whilst watching a hearty game of cricket....or playing brick breaker.
Not the right kind of therapy.

Therapy will be provided to all the scholars of the Finishing school to ensure that any emotional feeling are quickly suppressed, killed, disposed off and preferably Zamzam water. A Pakistani man is expected to have the emotional sensitivity of a brick wall. In order to extinguish any feelings of emotion, the men will be required to stoically watch cricket matches of Pakistan losing to India.....on repeat.

Haha, jokes on you, Desi Men are as perfect as we're gonna be!

How it has come to a point, shamefully I might add, that decent Pakistani men are also in need of a finishing school to hone their manliness skills is a question well worth asking. I blame the media.

A version of this article appeared in the Dawn Newspaper.Allegedly. I think. Possibly.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Did I see a picture of English schoolgirls making mushy peas? That's actually a great delicacy in the UK, you're going to upset people by calling it disgusting!

Anonymous said...

I doubt those English 'schoolgirls' are actually schoolgirls. Looks like some sort of marketing exercise to me, tho' for the life of me I'm at a loss as to know to whom women dressed up as English 'schoolgirls' ladling mushy peas appeals. Hullo, welcome back! You're way behind the game in Pakistan. You are describing English boarding schools, allowing for the occasional substitution reflecting local conditions e.g. football and rugby for cricket etc. Our public schools manage to turn out men with just the right degree of insensitivity, male chauvinism, and prejudice to enable them to become Tory cabinet ministers, captains of (one of the the few remaining) industries, media moguls, etc. etc. so that they can be launched into the war of attrition that is known as marriage, completely finished for the job with enough insensitivity occasionally to hold their own with women who've the advantage of a clearer vision and more perception, quite apart from genetic pre-diposition, allied to the constant vigilance of their mothers - who are always right.
I've missed you. Love Alec xx

Furree Katt said...

INNER CITY PAAN CHAMPIONSHIP! that would be loads of fun, i would definitely like to witness that.
Preity's expression = very disturbing.
but to be completely honest, i would certainly disassociate myself from any male i know who ever decides to attend this finishing school and comes out learning only the paan-spitting and fraandshipping parts of the course.
i've seriously missed you lots.

secret.whispers said...

Of course it's the media. What else could destroy the innate manliness of desi men?!

Anonymous said...

And finally you emerged out of nowhere! :D but with an idiot's guide to manliness? That's a separate issue.

Riot Kitty said...

Love the captions! Welcome back, I missed reading you ;)

Thinking said...

hmmm....nice to see you after so

Well...finishing schools are type of school where to finish without starting.....


Mariam said...

Good one, once again.

Yo Mista! said...

Welcome back mate.

BTW, wtf with the comment above...

Ghausia said...


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And finally you emerged out of nowhere! :D but with an idiot's guide to manliness? That's a separate issue.

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OP said...

Interesting reading.
When I was reading it it crossed my mind that song about Marry me